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Compton Project

Wholesale Distributor

1515 Kona Drive  Compton, California 90220

Energy Solution:  Solar PV and

Demand Charge Contols

System Size: 48 kW

Installed: April 2015

In late 2014, this property owner received a bill from SoCal Edison for $1,182, for one month of electricity usage.  Intent on reducing those high energy costs, they turned to Acecon Energy Solutions seeking alternate energy resources.  After performing a detailed analysis of the companies’ energy usage and business operation, it was determined their facility would operate just as efficiently using renewable energy while reducing their energy cost by up to 75%.

RESULTS:  97% Energy Cost Reduction


2015 SCE Bill (before solar)                          $1,182

2016 SCE Bill (with solar)                                   $36

Monthly Energy Cost Savings                       $1,146

Yearly Energy Cost Savings                        $13,752

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