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Rockwood Apartments



Multi-Family Affordable Housing 
1270 E. Lincoln Avenue  Anaheim, California 92805
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Station Type: Level 2
Installed: May 2017

In 2012 there were Two models of EV (Electric Vehicles) on the market.  By 2017 there were 30 EV models on the market.  The Rockwood Apartments offer affordable housing to disabled and low-income qualified residents of Anaheim.  Thanks to initiatives from the Anaheim Public Utilities, the properties owner is now able to provide EV Charging to it's tenants.  The utility is providing the electricity to the Charging Stations at a discounted rate, so the property owner agreed to offer use of the Charging Stations to it's tenants for FREE.  

Total System Cost                                          $20,000

Utility Rebate (subject to change)                -$20,000

Net Cost to Customer                                    $         0    

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