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Demand Charge Solutions


As the national and global economy grows, so does the DEMAND for energy.  As a result, the utility companies have instituted Demand Charges to your electric bill, in addition to the standard cost you pay for the energy itself.  Yes, your being charged twice for the same product.  Let Acecon Energy Solutions show you how a Demand Charge Controller can eliminate those exorbitant charges and dramatically reduce your energy costs. 

Demand Charge rates are set by the utility and they vary each month depending on the amount of energy you use in a given 15 minute interval.  Each month, the Utility selects the 15 minute period with the highest energy use and sets your rate at that peak.  You don't use that much energy the the rest of the hour, day, week, or month, but you still pay the peak rate for the whole month.  Most of our clients think that's a scam, but it's perfectly legal.  The good news is, there's a way to beat the system 

By controlling the timing of when your major energy using equipment starts and stops, you can reduce the demand, and therefore reduce the Demand Charges.  This solution will not impact when, or how often, you can use the equipment.  We analyze each customers energy usage, business type, hours of operation, and other factors before recommending which energy solution(s) will be the most effective.  Demand Charge Control can be a stand alone system, or used in conjunction with other energy solutions like solar, or backup power systems as a holistic approach to solving your energy needs.  

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